Thursday, 1 April 2021

Short update

 I haven't made progress on any projects at present as my gall bladder has been playing me up again although I have got hold of some plastic drain pipe for free that will be used for some of the support posts for the railway when I get going with the rebuild.

I have a few days off over Easter and I hope to get some progress on projects and give some of my locos a charge up and run on the new test track.

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

The latest from the Workbench

 The Trench Wagon is now complete and a new kit is now on the workbench plus one of my non functional locos is on the bench to be completed. I have also got the base for yet another locomotive.

The Oxford Circus Trench Wagon has been completed although the shell needs more work.

The next kit is this working tipper wagon from Phil Sharples

Wallace and Gromit have had some work done on them as Gromits wheels didnt go round.

Another new kit has come from Raven Kreativ

Its a nice, neat snowplough.

I purchased this little wooden box from The Range which will be turned into a small tram loco.

The tipper is slowly coming together

American diesel, 'Bruce', is back on the workbench to make it opperational. Name and number plates are on order and I hope to get it done this week.

A bag of bits

 Got some nice things from Cathys Castings and PDF Models for the Skylark.

Got fittings from Cathys Castings and cranks from PDF Models that will see the Skylark back on the workbench again.

Monday, 8 March 2021

New wagon kits

 As the Skylark has been put to one side awaiting the delivery of parts I have built a couple of wagon kits. A video of one wagon being built will be made soon.

A Phil Sharples Statfold Open Wagon Kit

Almost complete

With lifting handle, chevrons and couplings all it needs is numbering, weathering and a load.

A Harecroft Oxford Circus Trench Tramway Wagon kit underway.

A really neat and highly detailed little kit

Main body ready for strapping and coupling hooks.

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Skylark Update

 The PDF Skylark kit is slowly coming together, the story is told in pictures

Some colour has gone onto the kit with the cylinders being painted first.

The chassis in one piece with the motor fitted.

The top of the chassis and the boiler unit temporarily fitted and it is looking more like a locomotive.

The buffer beams have been fitted 

Unfortunately I broke a piece off the body, the plastic is quite brittle, super glue to the rescue.

The firebox is slowly getting its detail added.

The body is now under construction. It is made from clear plastic but to aid construction I used glass paper to rough up the surface to make it easier to see.

The side tanks were filled with roofing lead and the body sides glued to them making a very heavy body which should aid the locos traction.

The loco is assembled to check fit and get an idea of what it will eventually look like.

The buffer beams are getting their colour.

The water tank fillers are fitted as the body approaches completion.
The side banding and door frames are in place

A coat of filler primer is added, not a complete coat as it ran out but enough for the next step

And that step is the rivets, lots and lots of rivets!

With all the rivets on the body gets a proper coat of primer and a few tweaks before paint.
The body has most f its paint and will get further coats before its done.

All paint is on, now the connecting rods, details, electrics and roof still to be done.

Saturday, 7 November 2020



The loco is in bits again ready for paint to be applied. Hopefully tomorrow the parts will look good and ready for reassembly on Monday.

Friday, 6 November 2020

The PDF Skylark

 The new loco is slowly looking more like a railway engine.

The chassis is slowly coming together and will soon be disassembled for painting. 

The boiler, smoke and fire boxes have been fitted to the running plate and the side tanks placed to see what it all looks like.